magical wine groves

Wine is poetry, written by both nature and man. The rhymes can be sometimes simple and monosyllabic, at other times they are complicated like life itself. Sometimes they come easily, at other times we must seek for them, stalking and chasing them up. We need an effort to obtain the most beautiful ones. With work and a bold heart.

The steep vineyards of the Brda region help forge the most beautiful verses and produce the best wines. They reflect the image of paradise and the voice of angels. These are wines that make us proud and give you pleasure.


history and traditions

The oldest record of the farm dates back to 1767, when the farmer Chiorgo built a manor house on the natural ridge between the Kožbanjšček and the Belska valleys. The villagers used to call him Čarga. His worthiest legacy is the knowledge and love of the land, which was handed down from father to son, but also to the young men who married into the Pristava manor.

sophisticated elegance


This is our tribute to the diversity of Brda. It features primary flavours of grape varieties that have found their home here. Their uniqueness is maintained by cellar procedures that are based on controlled fermenting temperatures and nurturing wine in stainless-steel tanks. The pleasantness of our wines derives from their freshness, which is why they are such an ideal companion for a wide range of international and ethnic recipes.


Visit us

All of you who want to get to know our wines and truly understand them are warmly invited to our farm. We are part of the Brda Wine Route project, and we will be happy to take the time for you.