and a magical view

At first, there were Brda. Then they became Goriška Brda on the Slovenian side and Collio on the Italian side. History and territorial divisions sometimes extend into the most beautiful corners of the world, but, well, some natural paths cannot be cut.

When a visitor climbs the famous observation tower in the village of Gonjače in the heart of Brda, a magical view opens up before them – rolling hills covered with vineyards. In the background, snow-capped Alpine peaks watch over this paradise protected by God. Just over twenty kilometers away, the sun reflects on the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. A gentle breeze caresses the hair, and the gaze simply refuses to leave this beautiful nature. Some call Brda “Little Tuscany,” and they’re absolutely right. While the area, covering over 2000 hectares of vineyards, may not be as vast as the famous Italian wine region with its rich history and culture, in Tuscany, visitors often have to travel a considerable distance between different vineyards, but in Brda, everything is close together. Small, charming, and attractive. Just like Slovenia itself.