and tradition

The oldest record of the farm dates back to 1767, when the farmer Chiorgo built a manor house on the natural ridge between the Kožbanjšček and the Belska valleys. The villagers used to call him Čarga. His worthiest legacy is the knowledge and love of the land, which was handed down from father to son, but also to the young men who married into the Pristava manor. Each generation wanted to make a step forward, and in the 1990s Edbin and Dušan Erzetič took the decision of total transformation of the farm to viticulture and wine production and registered a trademark for their wines. Wanting to pay tribute to all of the generations of Pristava, they named it Čarga 1767.

The wheel of life turns quickly. Alojz’s sons, Edbin and Dušan, knew how to work from a young age. Together with their father, they created the farm we know today. Wine connoisseurs know that at Čarga, since the early nineties, only top-quality bottled wines have been produced.

… from generation to generation

Čarga estate


1. Pri Jernejevih, 0,3 ha, ekspozicija zahod
sorta Merlot
2. Muharjevo, 0,5 ha, eks. vzhod
sorta Furlanski tokaj
3. Muharjevo pod cesto, 0,9 ha, eks. vzhod
sorta Sauvignon
4. Glerija, 0,4 ha, eks. jugozahod
sorta Chardonnay
5. Poje, 0,6 ha, eks. jugozahod
sorta Malvazija, Beli pinot
6. Peč, 0,2 ha, eks. zahod
sorta Sivi pinot
7. Breg, 0,5 ha, eks. jugovzhod
sorta Sivi pinot
8. Vrtič, 1,3 ha, eks. jugovzhod
sorta Rumena rebula, Merlot, Cabernet franc
9. Rob, 0,1 ha, eks. jugovzhod
sorta Rumeni muškat
10. Zagrapa, 0,4 ha, eks. vzhod
sorta Furlanski tokaj, Sauvignon
11. Pongrad, 5,5 ha, eks. jugovzhod
Rumena rebula, Furlanski Tokaj ali Jakot, Sauvignon Blanc, Malvazija, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
12. Pri Peternelu, 0,4 ha, eks. jugozahod
sorta Merlot
13. Brdce, 1,4 ha, eks. jugozahod
sorta Chardonnay
14. Njiva, 1 ha, eks. jugozahod
Sivi pinot, Modri Pinot
15. Draga, 0,96 ha, expozicija JZ
sorta Beli pinot, Cabernet franc, Rebula, Modri Pinot in Tokaj



For each grape variety, we strive to find the most suitable location, capture the right harvest time, and determine the winemaking process. We aim to express the terroir with slightly more mature and distinctly dry wines, whose character is carved by the minerals found in the rich Brda soil. Each harvest is unique, and each vintage has its own characteristics.


Visit us

All of you who want to get to know our wines and truly understand them are warmly invited to our farm. We are part of the Brda Wine Route project and will be happy to take the time for you.